Adverse Possession Lawyer, Everett, WA (Snohomish County)

house adversely possessing neighbor's land

Genesis’s adverse possession attorney(s) serve the greater Everett and Seattle region of Washington, including Snohomish and King Counties.

We at Genesis often represent clients in adverse possession cases other firms might be ill-equipped to handle. For example, the Puget Sound’s heavy rains, steep slopes, and tides cause land movements (avulsion and accretion) which complicate boundary lines. Resolving the ensuing disputes frequently requires a more in-depth understanding of land surveying–an understanding we have and many other firms lack. Successfully resolving these types of disputes can also require an exceptional knowledge of adverse possession’s legal nuances–nuances only a handful of attorneys seem to appreciate.

Our uncommon ability to meet these challenges stems from our attorneys’ superior legal backgrounds. To work at our firm, we absolutely must possess stellar academics and/or a notable record of industry-related accomplishments. Click here to read each of our lawyer profiles. If you read our profiles, you might notice each of our attorneys tends to narrowly focus the scope of his or her practice. Our narrow focuses help further ensure the quality of our work product. After all, a jack of all trades is a master of none.

Cost-saving technologies are another competitive advantage we enjoy at Genesis. For instance, we tend to use technology to perform secretarial functions. We also decrease overhead by reducing all our research materials and files to more rapidly searchable electronic formats. That eliminates file storage rooms and physical libraries. The resulting cost savings allow us keep our hourly rates atypically low, to the benefit of clients. Compare our rates to those of the competition and you will be pleasantly surprised nearly every time. Our rates are often thirty to fifty percent less per hour for work on the same legal matter.

Genesis: A better firm for a better world.

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