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Bellevue-Everett Divorce Lawyers (Family Law), Immigration, Mediation, & More

We are a top-tier law firm in Everett and Bellevue. Our Everett office serves as firm headquarters and home to several practice groups including our Everett divorce lawyers (family law), immigration attorneys, mediators, businessestate planning (wills), and real estate.

The firm’s success is largely a result of our three core values: 1) exceptionally well-credentialed lawyers, 2) below-market rates, and 3) unwavering honesty. Scroll down to read more about these core principles in the bold-marked sections.

Founded in 2011 by a lone divorce attorney with Ivy League credentials, Genesis quickly grew into one of the largest law firms in Snohomish County and recently branched into King County. Our practice areas have steadily expanded in breadth as well: from family law issues – such as child support , custody, and spousal maintenance (alimony) – to international business counsel, and now the top Everett immigration lawyer by volume.

What Makes Us Stand Out, from Everett Divorce Lawyers to Bellevue Business & Immigration Attorneys

FIRST CORE PRINCIPLE: EXCEPTIONALLY WELL-CREDENTIALED ATTORNEYS. Our legal credentials distinguish us from the competition more dramatically than perhaps any other single factor. To work at Genesis, we must possess outstanding formal academics or a significant record of industry-related accomplishment. This is noteworthy because our selective attorney recruiting reflects our focus on exceptional representation. No need to take our word. Compare our backgrounds to whoever else you are considering, including the most expensive firms. You can read our attorneys’ bios online by clicking here. You will probably find we went to better schools, did better there, and/or achieved more afterward.

SECOND PRINCIPLE: BELOW-MARKET RATES. We use cost-saving technologies and otherwise cut expenses. Reduced overhead allows us to charge clients significantly less than average relative to the greater Puget Sound area. Standard hourly rates among Everett divorce lawyers (family law practitioners) are a good example. Most of the city’s divorce firms charge clientele 50-75% more per hour than we do, with a few family law practitioners charging 100% more (double our rates). Click here for additional insight into our firm’s cost-saving technologies.

Cost of a Divorce Lawyer in Everett

Rest assured, this does not mean we save money in ways that hurt our clients. Rather, we scrutinize whether each expense improves outcomes for our clients. If not, we reduce it as much as possible.

This is one reason we occupy the second floor of our own four-story office building. Our location in the building has no impact on our ability to represent our clients well, so we selected our floor based on what would reduce overhead. In most large buildings the second floor is the least desirable and least expensive. Higher paying tenants prefer other floors, such as the first floor for retail space or the top floors for improved views. By renting out the high-value areas of the building to other tenants, they subsidize our firm’s expenses and keep ours lower.

ABSOLUTE HONESTY. The third differentiating factor – commitment to honesty – means more than most people initially realize. We demand our clients tell the truth when our firm represents them and will “fire” a client who lies to a decisionmaker – such as a judge, Guardian ad Litem, or arbitrator. This is a hard-and-fast rule, and it means our firm is not for everyone, especially many vindictive divorce litigants. However, our firm’s commitment to honesty usually leads to better outcomes in court and negotiations, divorce cases included. Click here to read about less-than-obvious practical benefits of truth-telling in legal matters.

Bottom line: Genesis seeks to improve lives. We ceaselessly strive for better outcomes, better prices, and to become better examples. As a result, a high percentage of our firms’ work comes from repeat clients and referrals. To see how we’re doing, just Google “Everett law firm” and see our Google reviews and ratings compared to the other lawyers in the area.

Despite this success, we continue to represent clients who cannot afford other lawyers. That includes exploring other ways of delivering legal services less expensively. We were among the first firms to hire a limited license legal technician (LLLT) in Snohomish County and King County. A LLLT is a legal professional with less costly yet more focused schooling than a family law lawyer and can advise on almost all divorce and family law topics at a lower price-point.

Our practice groups also serve some of the highest earners and businesses in the Puget Sound in matters ranging from high-asset committed intimate relationships (the division of substantial assets between people exiting long-term martial-like relationships) to international M&A (business mergers and acquisitions).

We encourage you to call or visit us. Our headquarters is walking distance from most major government buildings in Snohomish County and Everett, including the Snohomish County Courthouse, the Everett municipal building (the Wall Street Building), and county offices (the Robert Drewel Building). Our offices in Everett and Bellevue are also easy driving distance from Boeing, Funko, Naval Station Everett, Microsoft, and Facebook, and our parking lots are always free.

Explore the links and videos on this website to learn more, or simply contact Genesis to speak directly with one of our attorneys. Our firm offers Mandarin Chinese speakers upon advance request.

Our motto is “A better firm for a better world”, and we mean it.

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