Our Colby Avenue location is our firm headquarters and the primary home for several of our local practice groups, including our Everett divorce lawyers (family law), immigration team, business and tax lawyers, estate planning, and real estate. We own the building and occupy the second floor. Click our marked location on the map below for driving directions.

Everett Office:
Genesis Law Firm, PLLC
3802 Colby Ave Ste 2
Everett, WA 98201
Local: (425) 212-1789
Toll Free: (866) 631-0028

Center map

Our office is walking distance from most major government buildings in Snohomish County and Everett, including the Snohomish County Courthouse, the Everett municipal building (the Wall Street Building), and county offices (the Robert Drewel Building). We’re also easy driving distance from Boeing, Funko, and Naval Station Everett.

Founded in Everett in 2011, Genesis has quickly grown into one of the largest firm’s based in Snohomish County.

BELOW-MARKET RATES. Our success is largely a result of our three core principles. The first principle: use cost-saving technologies and otherwise cut excessive expenses common at other firms. This in turn allows us to charge below-market rates. Many of our competitors bill 50 – 125% more per hour than us. At the time of this writing, we believe our hourly rate is less than all other multi-lawyer firms in our geographic area, and perhaps all solo lawyers as well. No need to take our word. Call other firms and find out.

Rest assured, this does not mean we save money in ways that hurt our clients. Rather, we scrutinize whether each expense improves outcomes for our clients. If not, we reduce it as much as possible.

This is one reason we occupy the second floor of our four-story building. Our location in the building has no impact on our ability to represent our clients well, so we selected our floor based on what would reduce overhead. In most large buildings the second floor is the least desirable and least expensive. Higher paying tenants prefer other floors, such as the first floor for retail space or the top floors for improved views. By renting out the high-value areas of the building to other tenants, they essentially subsidize our firm’s expenses and keep ours lower.

To learn more about how we reduce expenses, click the link in this sentence for an explanation of our simple but effective cost-saving technologies.

TOP-TIER ATTORNEYS. Quality is our second core principle. We ensure quality in our legal work by only hiring attorneys with EXCEPTIONAL credentials. An attorney with middling credentials will not receive an interview with our firm, let alone an offer of employment. This results in us having significantly more impressive backgrounds than the majority of our competition in Snohomish County. Again, no need to take our word. Compare our backgrounds to whoever else you’re considering, including the most expensive firms. You can read our attorneys’ bios online by clicking here. You’ll probably find we went to better schools, did better there, and/or achieved more afterward.

ABSOLUTE HONESTY. Our third core principle is honesty. We’ll “fire” a client who lies to a decisionmaker – such as a judge, Guardian ad Litem, or arbitrator – during our representation. This is a hard-and-fast rule, and it means our firm is not for everyone. We advocate well but never dirty.

Above all else, our firm strives to be hardworking do-gooders. We intend to make a positive impact on our clients, the legal community, and perhaps even the world. To see how we’re doing, just Google “Everett law firm” and see our Google reviews and ratings compared to the other lawyers in the area. Our motto is “A better firm for a better world”, and we mean it.

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