Business Attorneys in Everett, WA (Snohomish County) & Bellevue

We are Genesis Law Firm’s business practice group–a small team of Everett-Bellevue lawyers representing businesses in most types of transactions and disputes related to forming and operating for-profit and nonprofit enterprises.

Excellent Lawyers

Our firm’s hallmark is its high-quality, low-overhead approach. That approach enables us to provide reasonably priced representation to businesses of nearly every size, from simple mom-and-pop shops to several international operations. Put simply, we do a great job for a great price. Read below for proof.



No need to take our word; run an online search for “business attorneys in Everett, WA” and read what others have to say. We also encourage you to call at least two other firms for a comparison–chances are we charge the least per hour, have the most impressive academic credentials, and put more emphasis on truth-telling. Our motto is “a better firm for a better world”, and we take that seriously.

How We Do It So Well

1. Quality Work Product. The first half of our “high-quality, low-overhead approach” is of course quality. Unlike many other law firms, we only hire attorneys with outstanding credentials. That means our attorneys typically attended better schools and/or earned more prestigious accolades than did the competition. You can read our attorneys’ biographies by clicking here.

Aside from hiring top-rate attorneys, we encourage each member of our team to focus in one or two complex legal areas rather than practicing as generalists. For example, we have separate attorneys who focus on immigration, real estate, and China; and the appropriate team members handle complex matters in those business-related areas. You would not want a generalist doctor performing your brain surgery, nor would you want a generalist for your difficult legal issues.

2. Lower Hourly Rates. The second half of our “high-quality, low overhead” equation is our overhead. Cost-saving technologies allow Genesis to keep our overhead exceptionally low without sacrificing work quality. Lower overhead, in turn, results in substantially lower hourly rates than our competitors can offer. Most local competitors charge at least 30% more, and some of the largest law firms charge 300% more than us. Literally. To learn more about our cost-saving technologies, click here.

3. International and Local Scope. We represent international businesses as well as clients throughout Snohomish County.

4. Breadth of Experience. We at Genesis possess wide-ranging experience in legal areas such as business entity selection, licensing, commercial disputes, mergers, purchase and sale of business interests, product recalls, business dissolution, and more. We also enjoy complementary experience in related legal areas such as contract law, employment law, and debtor-creditor law.

5. Direct Contact with Your Lawyer. Unlike most competing firms, we do not employ secretarial “gatekeepers” who prevent you from contacting your attorney directly. Here, you receive your attorney’s phone extension, and we readily answer during business hours and otherwise return calls promptly.

6. Emphasis on Honesty. At Genesis, we tell the truth and ensure our clients do the same while we represent them. We’re the good guys and want clients with the same mentality.

Contact Genesis to speak with a business lawyer located in Everett’s city center, within walking distance of the Snohomish County Superior Courthouse. Mandarin Chinese speakers available upon request.

From divorce to international business, clients receive higher quality representation for less at Genesis Law Firm.

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