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Divorce Lawyers, Washington State: Genesis Law Firm

We at Genesis provide exceptional divorce and family law services from multiple locations in the Puget Sound region. Please select the city nearest you:

Though our firm represents clients in many types of cases, we place special emphasis on divorce and family law matters. Several of our attorneys practice exclusively in this area of the law, and we offer a combination of quality and price few local competitors can match.

The quality of our work product derives primarily from our strict hiring criteria. Unlike many divorce and family law firms, we will not employ an attorney unless he or she enjoys top credentials. That means our young attorneys must have achieved stellar academics, and our more experienced attorneys must possess a record of practice-related accolades. See the difference for yourself; we strongly encourage you to compare our attorneys’ qualifications to those of other Puget Sound firms. To review our attorneys’ online bios, click here.

With respect to price, our competitors tend to charge fifty-percent more than us per hour. We minimize traditional law firm overhead and pass the savings on to you. In fact, cost savings are at the very core of our purpose: our firm was established in an effort to provide quality legal services at more reasonable rates. To learn more about our cost-saving efforts, click here.

Above all else, our firm strives to make a positive difference–in the legal community, in our clients’ cases, and in the world. With that in mind, our firm places heavy emphasis on honestly. Strict adherence to the truth makes us a bad fit for some clients, but it also engenders credibility in the courtroom and out. Click here to learn more about how a reputation for honesty can improve the outcome of your case.

If our firm seems like the right fit for you, contact us. Chinese-speaking divorce attorneys available upon request.

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