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Careers at Genesis Law Firm

At Genesis Law Firm, we truly are “A Better Firm for a Better World”. That isn’t lip service. We unceasingly strive to leave a positive mark by adhering to our firm’s core principles, listed on our homepage. Please read those core principles before applying to any career position we advertise. We are not a traditional law firm, nor do we intend to become one.

A Better Team for a Better World

Those core principles relate predominately to our firm’s commitment to clients and the greater good. But our firm also places heavy emphasis on its commitment to the Genesis team–a priority we place higher than partner profits. We study workplace satisfaction and dissatisfaction and structure our workplace accordingly. For example, our employee team members receive compensation based on hours billed and collected, and each team member dictates his or her workload. That gives each team member control over his or her finances and removes the financial strain between employees and owners. We also provide clear expectations, challenging work, and opportunities for personal and career growth. That, combined with our mission-oriented culture, means we actually enjoy coming to work (most days!).

Available Positions:

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