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At Genesis Law Firm, our Everett-based business law team members advise corporate boards of directors in Snohomish and King Counties, as well as sitting on boards when called on to do so. In most instances, we provide these legal services at our normal rates, but we occasionally volunteer our time (“pro bono”) for non-profit entities, such as our churches and civic groups. Our attorneys posses exceptional academic backgrounds, and our hourly rate tends to be markedly lower than our those of competitors. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our general business law services, or contact us at 866-631-0028 to speak with one of our lawyers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is our board required to follow set rules of decorum at meetings? Usually no, you are not required to follow rules of conduct except as delineated in your articles of incorporation and bylaws. Boards often adopt their own informal procedures, which is fine.

What are Robert’s Rules of decorum? Robert’s Rules are commonly adopted rules of decorum for meetings and debates. You might be familiar with many of Robert’s Rules already, because we often see them displayed in movies and in books. For a simple explanation of these rules, click here: Institutions and organizations that adopt Robert’s Rules usually modify them to suit their needs.

If one of your attorneys attends a meeting, will he only advise us regarding procedure or can he speak to other legal issues that might come up? That depends on the attorney. Our firm handles business law issues of nearly every kind, but not every lawyer knows the answer to every question. If you anticipate broaching a legal topic at your meeting, we encourage you to let us know about the issue in advance so we can prepare.

A shareholder is suing one or more of our board members. Can you help with that? Yes, our firm assists with business law litigation, including derivative suits (suits by shareholders against officers and directors).

Do you help draft corporate resolutions? Yes, we can help draft most corporate documents you might need, including resolutions, notices, minutes, amendments to operating agreements, shareholder certificates, and more.

A shareholder has left our corporation. Is there any special procedure we need to follow? Yes, there are procedures that need to be followed when a shareholder withdraws or passes away. We can help.

We want to go public. Is that something you can assist with? No, we do not represent publicly traded corporations, nor do we help businesses go public. We can, however, refer you to firms that handle securities.

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