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Chinese-Speaking Asylum Lawyer, Seattle-Everett

We are a small team of Chinese-speaking asylum immigration attorneys in Seattle (King County) and Everett (Snohomish County), Washington. For hanzi, please click here: ???????.

Our firm’s headquarters lie in Everett, which is roughly a half-hour drive from Seattle; but we also maintain a satellite location in Seattle’s Northgate area. At any single time, we employ at least one native-Chinese staff person, at least one lawyer who is fully fluent in Mandarin (putonghua), and multiple attorneys who speak Mandarin at a basic conversational level.

Fees Usually Less. One selling point of our firm is its fee structure. We typically charge less than other law firms who perform this work, and we offer a fee “guarantee program.” For those clients who sign up for our guarantee program, half their payment on attorney fees is reserved in a trust account. If the government grants the asylum petition, our firm receives the funds in trust. If the government does not grant the petition, the firm refunds the trust funds to the client. Of course, this guarantee program is not a promise of a successful legal outcome; but it does shift the financial risk from the client to the firm and ensures we at Genesis are financially motivated to do our best (though we would do our best anyhow).

Will Advise as to Other Options. As part of our firm’s standard intake process, we advise our Asylum clients as to whether other visa options would be better choices than an Asylum petition. As Deng Xiaoping famously stated, there is more than one way to skin a cat. It may be that another immigration avenue would be less expensive, faster, more likely to succeed, or less risky.

Attention to Quality. We are not the only Chinese-focused immigration law firm in the Seattle area, but we are among the most quality conscious. Whereas competing firms produce documents with numerous typographical, spelling, and grammatical errors, we tend to produce polished final drafts that impart our professionalism. We also hire only the top-level attorneys. To view our credentials, click here. You might notice that our attorneys attended higher ranked schools and/or earned better grades than did the other lawyers you have spoken with.

Emotionally Rewarding.We find Chinese asylum cases particularly rewarding emotionally. We pride ourselves on helping others, and most of our asylum clients are in true need of assistance. As we like to say, we are “A Better Firm for a Better World.”

Feel free to explore our website to learn more about our firm and the many immigration opportunities available. To schedule a consultation with a Genesis attorney, simply call our toll-free number, 866-631-0028, or send an email to

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