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Chinese-Speaking Business Formation Lawyers | Bellevue & Everett

Our firm’s China practice provides business formation counsel to Chinese (Mandarin) speaking clients in Bellevue (King County) and Everett (Snohomish County). This includes legal counsel for both brand new businesses and existing Chinese businesses seeking to establish a US presence. In comparison to other Mandarin-focused law firms in the greater Seattle area:

  • We usually charge less, either per hour or by flat fee;
  • Our lawyers generally have stronger academic credentials (click here for our attorney bios); and
  • Our work product often contains fewer typos and other errors (this is a problem particular to Chinese-oriented law firms).

Why Hire an Attorney

In the United States, the government enforces rules and regulations more strictly than many of our Chinese clients are accustomed to; and hiring an attorney reduces the likelihood of violating laws. Also of importance, hiring an attorney tends to benefit business owners in the following respects:

  • Increases perceived legitimacy of business. Potential customers and the government distrust businesses that lack proper documentation. Many such documents, like business licenses and corporate records, are available online in the United States. If those documents are not present or properly completed, people notice. For example, an employee from a local government agency recently said she targeted Chinese restaurants that she perceived as ignorant of the law.
  • Helps ensure the business owners’ assets are protected in case of business failure, government crackdown, or lawsuit. A properly formed business entity can greatly protect a business owner’s assets. Most businesses fail within five years, for various reasons. Business owners should do what they can to protect what they have earned. Operating a business in the United States is simply too risky otherwise.

Our firm’s headquarters are located in Everett, which is approximately a half-hour drive north of Seattle. Some of our lawyers also work one or two days of the week out of our Bellevue and Seattle branch offices for the convenience of our clients. To speak with one of us or to schedule an appointment, simply call our toll-free number, 866-631-0028. You can also reach us by email at or Our Chinese language website can be accessed at

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