Chinese-Speaking Business Attorneys, Everett-Seattle

Our firm’s Everett-Seattle business law team includes one or more attorneys who speak Chinese fluently, a staff member who communicates in Mandarin natively, and two lawyers who speak intermediate-level putonghua (guo yu). A substantial percentage of our clients live in the Middle Kingdom or immigrated from there, and we take pride in alleviating the language and cultural barriers those clients face in the United States.

Though we are not the only Chinese-focused firm in the Puget Sound (Seattle) area, we stand apart with our exceptional credentials and reasonable rates. The following are comparisons to our competitors:

  • Comparison to Small “Boutique” Chinese Firms. Many small “boutique” Mandarin-language law firms in the Seattle and Bellevue area produce low-quality work. This criticism is blunt but true. Their final documents typically contain numerous typographical errors and some substantive mistakes. A few of these firms draft higher-quality documents, yet they charge more than $400 per hour from what we have seen. We at Genesis, on the other hand, only hire top-level lawyers, and we charge less than $200 per hour (as of the time this webpage was drafted).
  • Comparison to Large International Firms. Large international law firms are just the opposite of these small “boutique” Mandarin offices. The largest firms pay close attention to quality. The tradeoff is cost. Attorneys at the biggest firms may charge more than $1,000 per hour, making them far too expensive for any business other than the largest and most wealthy. By contrast, we at Genesis charge 1/5 this hourly amount. Moreover, the lawyers at Genesis enjoy academic credentials that rival international firms, and several of us worked at large firms before coming here. We brought our expectations around quality with us.

Our low prices make us affordable for small businesses and start-ups, and our emphasis quality allows us to satisfy the legal needs of large businesses as well. Current clients include both small and large Chinese-owned businesses in Washington and internationally.

To speak with a Genesis attorney, dial 866-631-0028 or send an email to For more information on our attorneys, click here. For a description of how we keep rates low, click here. For the Chinese version of our our website, click here.

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