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Chinese-Speaking Divorce Lawyer(s) | Bellevue, WA

Our highly-rated family law team now proudly offers one or more Chinese-speaking divorce lawyers in Bellevue (King County). With headquarters in Everett (Snohomish County) and strong connections to the Puget Sound Chinese community, our law firm recently opened a Bellevue satellite office to better serve the East Side’s growing East Asian population. We did so because of local Chinese-speakers’ tremendous unmet need for affordable, high-end legal services.

Excellent Attorneys – Not Just Chinese-Speaking. When compared to competing attorneys, our team members typically earned degrees from higher ranking schools and/or did better while there. For example, our first Chinese-speaking lawyer at our Bellevue location earned her undergraduate degree from Peking University (Beijing University, or “Beida”), one of the two most prestigious schools in China. She then attended law school at the University of Washington, a particularly sought-after university among international scholars, with a US News World ranking of number 14 globally. Whereas most Chinese-speaking divorce lawyers in Bellevue earn business primarily by their unique language ability, our firm’s hiring process is intended to locate the best lawyers available. We believe our lawyers should be outstanding, regardless the language they speak.

Great Rates. At Genesis, we also charge rates lower than most competitors – perhaps the absolute lowest hourly rates of any multi-lawyer firm in Bellevue and Seattle. We can afford to offer below-market rates because we decrease unnecessary overhead, especially through the use of cost-saving technologies. If an expense does not improve our clients’ legal outcomes, we cut or minimize it to the extent possible. Since our firm’s inception we have remained committed to lowering rates and serving a broader spectrum of Puget Sound’s population, not just the wealthy. Currently many members of the middle class cannot afford competent counsel. If top attorneys only represent the rich, economic disparity and unfairness worsen. Our firm’s core principles require us to address that inequality.

True Honesty. Our firm’s final core principle is honesty. We charge less for excellent counsel because we want to be the “good guys”. It would undermine our firm’s very foundation if we were to allow our clients to misrepresent the truth to judges or other decisionmakers. If we learn a client has lied to us or a judge during a divorce case, we withdraw – simple as that. We forgive mistakes clients make before we enter their lives, but we demand the truth while we work with them, no exceptions.

If you believe we would be a good fit for you and your divorce case, we encourage you to call us toll-free at 866-631-0028.

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