Chinese-Speaking Family Law Lawyer(s) | Seattle (King County)

Chinese-Speaking Family Law Lawyer(s) | Seattle (King County)

We at Genesis proudly employ one or more Chinese-speaking family law attorneys in our Seattle office (King County) and Everett headquarters (Snohomish County). This furthers our steadfast commitment to the Puget Sounds Chinese-speaking community, a population historically targeted by poor quality and overpriced firms.

Chinese Family Law Attorney in SeattleThe majority of our Chinese-speaking attorneys previously worked at prestigious international firms and joined Genesis to provide quality Mandarin representation at significantly lower rates. To speak with one of our multi-lingual attorneys, call us toll free at 866-631-0028 and dial extension 2.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What is Family Law?
Family law is often used as a euphemistic synonym for divorce, though divorce is a much more narrowly defined term. More accurately, family law means the law applicable to the formation and dissolution of family relationships. Aside from divorce, family law includes numerous forms of child support actions, all child custody actions, adoptions, prenuptial agreements, cases in which biological parents are unfit and a third-party seeks protective custody, guardianships, and more.

What Do You Means When You Say Your Attorneys are Better Credentialed? At Genesis, we are uncommonly “picky” about who we hire. We only accept attorneys with stellar academic accolades or a record of practice-related success. For a better understanding, simply compare us to other Chinese-speaking lawyers practicing locally. Generally our attorneys attended better-ranked schools, achieved greater things while there, or have done impresive things in their practices. To review our lawyers bios, click here.

How Much Do You Charge? In contested court cases (cases in which the parties do not agree), we charge by the hour, like most other firms. We charge by the hour for these matters because of the unpredictable amount of work involved. Our hourly rate is $190 as of the time of this writing, subject to periodic increases to keep pace with inflation. From what we gather, most other family law attorneys practicing in our geographic area charge $250 per hour or more, with many competitors charging over $400 per hour.

For uncontested matters, we sometimes offer flat fees. The amount of the flat fee depends on the anticipated complexity of the requested legal work and thus varies widely from case to case. For a flat fee quote on an uncontested matter, please call us.

Can You Help Me if One of the Parties In My Case Is In China? Usually yes, we can assist you if at least one of the parties is in Washington State and the case is either un-filed or has been filed in Washington.

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