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Our Bellevue-area-based Chinese-speaking immigration lawyers work as a team to serve individuals and businesses alike. We offer a full range of high-quality immigration-related services, including petitions based upon employment and family relationships, as well as “non-immigration” visa petitions for short-term visits and other temporary stays in the United States. We also litigate (fight in court) on behalf of our clients when necessary, such as in removal (deportation) proceedings.


Our lawyers do much more than fill out forms; we provide creative solutions to complex problems. Often a client calls Genesis with an urgent desire or need but no idea how to satisfy it. We talk these clients through their options and develop a plan for success, to mitigate risk, and to ease the clients’ transition into life in the U.S. Similarly, we help businesses determine the best means of bringing talented international employees into their U.S. workforce.

This problem solving requires familiarity with myriad visa types, which is one reason why our firm only hires attorneys with outstanding credentials. We strongly encourage you to compare our lawyers’ backgrounds to those of competing firms, particularly to the many Chinese-oriented law firms that have only two or three lawyers. Chances are, we graduated from better schools and/or earned more impressive accolades. Our firm is simply more selective in its hiring. You can review the specifics of each of our attorneys’ biographies by clicking here.

Aside from producing quality work product, we also typically charge less than other Mandarin-speaking law firms in the greater Bellevue area. Many times our hourly rate is half that of other firms, and our flat fees are often significantly less as well. Our lower charges are a result of our cost-saving technologies. You can learn more about our cost-saving technologies by clicking here.

Last but not least, our firm stands apart because of its integrity. As the saying goes, “honesty is the best policy.” Nobody believes that more than us. The law continually tempts lawyers and clients to bend the truth, or even fabricate it completely. This seems to be an especially strong temptation for other Chinese-focused legal practitioners, who tend to make the news for asylum mills, EB-5 fraud, and the like. This lack of honesty ruins the lives of those attorneys and their clients. Rest assured, that will never be us.

At Genesis Law Firm, we seek to improve lives. As we like to say, we are “a better firm for a better world.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Chinese-speaking people are there in your firm? We have one or more lawyers who speak and read Mandarin (putonghua or guo yu) fluently, at least one staff person from China, and several attorneys who speak at least immediate-level Chinese. You can visit the hanzi version of our website by clicking here: 中文.

Do you accept flat fees? Yes, flat fees are standard for most immigration matters. There are a few case types, however, that do not lend themselves to flat fees, such as removal proceedings.

Non-Immigration Visas:

  • B-1/B-2 Business, Pleasure, and Tourism Visitor Visa
  • E-1/E-2 Treaty Trader/Treaty Investor
  • F-1 Student Visa
  • J-1 Exchange Visitors
  • H-1B Professionals
  • TN NAFTA Professionals
  • L-1 Intracompany Transferees
  • O Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement
  • P-1, P-2, and P-3 Internationally Recognized Athletes or Performers

Employment-Based Immigration Petition:

  • EB-1A Persons of Extraordinary Ability
  • EB-1B Outstanding Researchers
  • EB-1C Multinational Managers or Executives
  • PERM Labor Certification
  • NIW National Interest Waiver
  • EB-5 Investor Immigration

Family-Based Immigration Petitions:

  • Family Members of U.S. Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents
  • Marriage Immigration / Marriage Visa
  • K-1 Fiance Visa (I-129F)
  • Adjustment of Status (I-485)
  • Consular Processing
  • Adoption Immigration / Inter-Country Adoption
  • Marriage Immigration / Marriage Visa
  • Divorce and Immigration

Immigration Court:

  • Asylum
  • Detention / Bond
  • Removal / Deportation Defense

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Citizenship / Naturalization

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