Commercial (Business) Lease Lawyer, Everett (Snohomish Co.)

Genesis represents clients in the review, drafting, negotiation, and enforcement of business and commercial leases. Our attorneys typically attended higher-tier schools and/or obtained better academic marks than competing lawyers in our region. And cost-saving technologies allow Genesis to represent clients for less per hour without sacrificing quality. Contact the firm to speak with a commercial lease attorney located in the Everett City Center, just blocks from the Snohomish County Courthouse. Free Mandarin Chinese interpretation available upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the word “commercial” mean in the term “commercial lease”? The word “commercial” essentially means “businesses”. Commercial or business leases are in contrast to residential leases. Most leases are residential; commercial leases are a unique area of the law.

In what ways are commercial leases different from residential leases? The Residential Landlord-Tenant Act does not apply to commercial leases, and the terms within commercial leases tend to be considerably different from their residential counterparts. Often the terms of commercial leases are highly favorable to landlords. For example, commercial leases are frequently “triple net,” meaning the tenant pays for all real estate taxes, routine maintenance, and insurance on the leased premises, in addition to the tenant’s payment of rent and utilities. That said, well-advised tenants sometimes negotiate better terms for themselves, especially in weak markets and market downturns.

I’m in the business of leasing residential properties or apartments. Can you help me with that or do you only accept commercial lease matters? We are a full-service firm and can assist with most types of legal matters, including residential lease issues. For more on our residential landlord-tenant work, click here. One or more of our attorneys focus their practice in general real estate law.

Does your firm handle evictions? Yes, we perform evictions, sometimes called unlawful detainers. Our unlawful detainer experience includes residential and commercial leases.

Does your firm accept flat fees for evictions? Yes, especially for residential cases. Of note, commercial cases sometimes present additional complications or complexities that preclude flat fee representation.

Do you represent tenants or just landlords? We represent business tenants and landlords of all types, but not usually residential tenants.

Do you take cases in other counties and states? We sometimes accept accept matters in other counties in Washington State, but not outside Washington.

Can you help me with other real estate, business, and lease issues? Generally speaking, yes. We have both a business team and one or more real estate attorneys, and we assist with a broad spectrum of legal maters, ranging from international business issues to local zoning.

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