Easement lawyer gets you access to house

Easement Lawyers, Everett (Snohomish Co)

Drafting easements is not so simple as many attorneys think. That may be why we at Genesis are sometimes asked to clean up other firm’s mistakes in this respect. In fact, one of our attorneys is often asked to teach classes to lawyers on how to draft easements properly.

The difficulty in fixing improperly drafted easements presents the chief concern, a concern that looms especially large in Washington, perhaps the hardest US jurisdiction in which to terminate an easement. That means attorneys drafting Washington easements need to be especially careful, as they are creating a servitude which will essentially last forever.

You can rest easy when you hire Genesis for your easement drafting needs. We not only know the law but–unlike most attorneys–we also understand property surveys well.

Our competence stems primarily from our firm’s hiring policies. To work at Genesis, we must possess exceptional academic and/or industry related accomplishments. Each of us at Genesis also narrowly focuses his or her practice to further ensure work quality.

Genesis: A better firm for a better world.

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