Commercial Litigation Attorneys in Everett, WA (Snohomish Co.)

Even well-run business sometimes find themselves entrenched in lawsuits. Genesis can help. Our firm’s commercial litigation experience spans the spectrum of civil business litigation, including employment matters, collection suits, cases against oversight agencies, product liability defense, failed business transactions, and product recalls. Our firm selectively hires attorneys with excellent academic credentials. And cost-saving technologies allow Genesis to represent business clients at reasonable hourly rates without sacrificing attorney work quality. Free Mandarin Chinese interpretation available upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions:

You say your attorneys posses excellent credentials. How can I verify that your backgrounds are stronger than other firms I’m considering? We strongly encourage you to compare each of our attorneys’ biographies to those of the competition. Chances are, we graduated from more prestigious schools and/or did better there academically. The exception would be some of the largest firms in internationally renowned cities, which hire attorneys with similar credentials to ours. Many of our attorneys worked at those firms prior to joining Genesis.

What size cases does your firm accept? Our attorneys’ experience includes cases of nearly every size, from ones with a few thousand dollars in dispute to high-stakes matters with millions hanging in the balance. Of note, we typically refer cases worth less than $10,000 to small claims court unless issues aside from cost come into play.

Do you work with small businesses or large ones? Both. Our rates tend to be among the most affordable in our region, which attracts small businesses. But we also represent medium-sized and large businesses and their owners.

Is your firm experienced with trial work? Yes. We are not simply “phone attorneys” who do our best to stay out of court.

Do you only defend against lawsuits, or do you also file actions on behalf of plaintiffs? We both defend and file suits. We do not, however, file personal injury cases on behalf of plaintiffs; we only defend against personal injury claims.

Can you help me obtain a temporary restraining order (TRO)? Yes, we have experience obtaining TROs.

Will you work with my insurance company? Often yes, though your insurance company usually needs to approve us first. We may be able to help gain your insurance company’s approval.

Can you help me with an international business lawsuit? Yes, we accept international business matters. If the case is primarily outside of Washington State, however, we would need to associate with local counsel. In some instances, it may make more sense for you to simply hire counsel located in the jurisdiction of the dispute.

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