Corporate Lawyers, Everett (Snohomish County)

At Genesis Law Firm, our Everett-based corporate lawyers assist businesses throughout Snohomish County, Washington, as well as the occasional business in Seattle and outlying areas. We attract clients by offering top echelon attorneys at rates even small sole proprietors can usually afford. That is, our attorneys tend to have graduated from higher-ranking schools and/or achieved greater success while there when compared to most other lawyers in our geographic area. And our hourly fees are typically $50 – $100 less per hour than our local competitors, and hundreds of dollars less than the large firms in Seattle. To speak with us, simply dial our toll-free number, 866-631-0028, or email us at Free Mandarin Chinese interpretation available.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I want to be a corporation, and if so, do I want to be a C corporation or S corporation? Corporations are ideal structures for businesses that eventually intend to “go public” by selling their shares on a public stock exchange.

Corporations come in two basic types: C corporations and S corporations. The primary difference between the two types is how the IRS treats them for income tax purposes. C corporations pay income taxes as a business, and the owners and employees pay income taxes as well. This is sometimes called double taxation.

S corporations, on the other hand, enjoy pass-through taxation, meaning the corporation pays no federal income tax. Only the owners and employees pay federal income tax. Often this is an overall tax advantage compared to the double taxation of C corporations.

A drawback of S corporations is their unavailability to businesses with many owners. Another shortcoming is the inability of S corporations to utilize more sophisticated accounting techniques that can greatly reduce its owners’ tax burdens in certain scenarios.

Genesis Law Firm can help you determine which, if either, type of corporation is right for you. For example, other more flexible entity structures might be appropriate, such as a limited liability company (LLC). To learn more about S corporations, click here. To learn more about LLC’s click here.

What can your corporate attorneys help me with, in general? We are not simply corporate attorneys; we are business attorneys who perform transactional work and litigate. That means we can help with nearly every legal need a business might have, whether negotiating leases, conducting annual meetings, drafting and reviewing contracts, assisting with employment issues (such as hiring, terminations, and wage and hour laws), starting a business, acquiring or selling items and businesses, and much more, including trial work if necessary.

How can I view your attorney biographies? Simply click here to reach the attorney bio section of our English-speaking website, and here for the Chinese language version.

Can you review my corporate books and help me get them in order? Yes, that is something many small and mid-size businesses ask us to do for them. We can also refer you to tax and bookkeeping specialists for help with your financial books.

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