Product Liability Defense Attorney, Everett (Snohomish Co)

In addition to other services, our firm represents businesses in product liability defense suits in the greater Everett area (Snohomish County). Most injury cases proceed under relatively simple negligence laws, but the Washington Product Liability Act, Chapter 7.72 RCW, creates a separate system for defining a business’s liability for product-related injuries. Our firm understands the Product Liability Act, and our attorneys enjoy successful experience with product liability cases. We also charge less per hour than most firms in our region, and our attorneys generally graduated from higher-ranked universities and/or higher class standing than most lawyers in the Puget Sound. We encourage you to call us toll free at 866-631-0028.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I sold a faulty product. Do I face liability for large damages under the Product Liability Act? Not every faulty product results in a Product Liability Act claim. Items that do no damage to a person or other property merely result in contract claims (which tend to be less expensive) but not Product Liability Act claims (which can be very expensive, especially if the product seriously injuries someone).

I didn’t make the product, but I sold it. Am I potentially liable under the Product Liability Act? Possibly. The statute describes liability for everyone in the chain of distribution, including wholesalers and retailers, among others. For example, a product seller (as opposed to manufacturer) might be liable for damaging the product and thus making it unsafe, for misrepresenting or concealing facts about the product, or if if the court determines the injured party cannot reasonable collect damages from the manufacturer.

I sell used products. Am I potentially liable under the Product Liability Act? Generally no, though there can be liability for the sale of used items that hurt others, especially if the seller knew they were dangerous.

One of the products we make is dangerous. Can you help me with a product recall? Yes. For more information on product recalls, click here.

I make a product that that could hurt people if used improperly. What should I do? That question warrants a one-on-one discussion with an attorney, because the response depends on many factors. Generally speaking, you should evaluate whether the product is inherently more dangerous than a consumer could reasonably expect. If so, you should do away with the product, at least as designed. If the product is reasonably safe, you should provide clear warnings to the consumer.

I make food products that cause weight gain. Am I liable for the long-term negative impact on the health of consumers? Generally no, so long as you comply with labeling laws and your products do not create dramatic weight gain when consumed just a few times.

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