Business Startup Lawyer, Everett (Snohomish County)

Our attorneys assist with business startups in Everett, WA and throughout Snohomish County, as well as the occasional startup outside Snohomish County. Both our rates and academic credentials tend to be significantly better than competing firms. That allows us to provide counsel to enterprises of nearly every magnitude, from solo shops to international companies. If our clients’ needs branch outside our areas of competence, we involve specialty counsel, and our experience often ensures we refer out clients to specialty attorneys who share our commitment to excellence and reasonable pricing. Whether you hope to operate out of your garage or a skyscraper, we can help. Come see why we we’re “A Better Firm for a Better World.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I tell whether your firm’s attorneys have stronger academic credentials than competing lawyers? Look at our firm’s attorney bios and compare them to those of other lawyers you might be considering. You will probably find our attorneys attended higher ranking schools and/or earned more impressive accolades while there. The exception would be competing attorneys at the largest and most expensive law firms, which also hire selectively and enjoy backgrounds similar to ours. Most of our business attorneys came from these large, highly selective firms.

How can your firm charge less while providing attorneys with better academic credentials? We pay close attention to efficiency and cost-saving technologies. For example, we use administrative support only when it decreases the cost to clients, we typically answer our own phones, and we use paperless storage technologies. For more information on our cost-saving technologies, click here.

Do you accept flat fees or just hourly work? The answer depends on the task.  Relatively predictable projects are appropriate for flat fees, but most large projects tend to be too unpredictable. Feel free to call us to learn whether your legal project would be appropriate for a flat fee.

Can I just get a little of your time, such as if I want to ask a few questions or have you review a few documents? Absolutely. We accept projects of all sizes, and we often provide guidance to clients who want to do most of their legal work themselves.

If something goes wrong, can you represent me in court? Yes, we usually can. Our firm includes transactional and litigation attorneys. That means we do it all. We can help you form your business, run it, and then protect it in court should something go wrong. We also keep you out of trouble by pointing out avoidable pitfalls.

Can you help me as I grow my existing business? Yes, we do more than assist businesses in their start-up phase. We represent businesses in most types of transactions and disputes.

Can you help me change business structures, such as changing from a partnership to an LLC or corporation? No problem. We can also advise you regarding which business structure would be best for your unique situation.

Can you assist me with employment laws? Yes, we can help with the hiring process, employment contracts, wage and hour laws, and even employment-related immigration issues. We also have experience with layoffs, terminations, disputes, and much more.

Can you help me determine whether a non-compete agreement prevents me from opening my business? We have experience with non-compete provisions and the laws governing them, and we can advise you as to their limitations, which are often nebulous.

For more information, we encourage you to peruse our website or contact one of our attorneys for a consultation.

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