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Genesis Law Firm caters to foreign businesses that seek to establish themselves in Washington. Foreign businesses include companies from other states as well as businesses from other countries. The firm emphasizes relationships with Chinese businesses and offers free Mandarin Chinese interpretation upon request. Explore the links and videos on this website to learn more about Genesis and its law practice, or call us toll free at 866-631-0028.

Frequently Asked Questions:

In what ways can I legally establish a presence in Washington? There are two main ways of legally establishing a foreign company’s presence here. The first is to form an affiliated business entity in Washington, such as a subsidiary corporation. The second is to register in this state as a foreign business.

I’m a properly formed business in another state or country. Why would I want to establish a presence in Washington? There are two main reasons to establish a presence in Washington. First and foremost, a foreign company is prohibited from transacting business in Washington unless it has established a related entity here or registered as a foreign entity. A second reason is public perception. Foreign entities–especially overseas entities–may appear more legitimate if they have an official local presence. A third reason pertains to import laws. It may be easier and less expensive to import or export products to or from the United States if you have a subsidiary company here.

What happens if I ignore the law and transact business in Washington without establishing a legal presence in the state? What would the punishment be, if any? There are many forms of punishment. Among them, you would not be allowed to file a lawsuit, even if someone wronged you. You would also be subject to fees and financial penalties.

I want to set up an affiliated company in Washington rather than just registering as a foreign entity. What parts of the startup process can Genesis assist me with? Genesis can assist with virtually every aspect of the startup process, including entity formation, business licensing, specialty licensing, employment law, and more. Of import to overseas companies, the firm assists with employment-related immigration matters when applicable.

I want to minimize the taxes my company pays on business transacted in Washington. How should I set up my Washington presence? That answer can be complex, and it varies from entity to entity and year to year. For clients who hope to minimize their international tax burden, Genesis typically works in conjunction with an experienced CPA firm. The CPA firm provides advice regarding tax issues, and Genesis then implements that advice.

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