Malpractice & Medmal Defense Lawyers, Everett (Snohomish Co)

Our Everett-based business law attorneys at Genesis Law Firm provide malpractice & “medmal” counsel to professionals in the greater Snohomish County area, including Seattle and Bellingham. Though the majority of malpractice suits are within the medical professional (medmal), we also defend against claims stemming from dental work and lawyering, as well as negligence suits in nearly every topical area, such as engineering, construction, and product liability.

Our firm offers exceptional talent at lower hourly rates than most firms in Snohomish County. Due to our selective hiring criteria, our attorneys generally attended higher-tier schools and/or graduated with more prestigious accolades than most of our local competitors. Click here for our lawyers’ bios.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will you win my case at all costs? Our attorneys enjoy outstanding credentials, often hailed from large firms prior to joining Genesis, and zealously advocate for our clients. In that sense, yes, we can and will go above and beyond typical expectations to help you achieve your goal. We will not, however, misrepresent the truth or allow our clients to do so. Better that clients know this from the inception of the case than learn it partway through.

Will you work with my insurance company? Generally yes, we will work with your insurance company. Often insurers will need to approve counsel and rates prior to beginning representation, and your insurer may have a contract with a different firm in our geographic area. If we are not currently on your insurer’s approved list, we will usually take reasonable steps to gain approval.

Do you accept flat fees? We accept flat fees in certain types of predicable cases, but not usually in malpractice defense matters. Your case may be an exception, and you are welcome to call us for a specific answer based on your facts.

What size cases do your attorneys take? Our attorneys have experience with defense cases of most sizes, from very small matters that we refer to small claims court to large multi-million dollar matters.

Will you help me settle my case? Your goals become ours. If you want to settle and you understand the benefits and drawbacks, we will help you.

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