Negotiation Lawyers, Everett (Snohomish County)

Our Everett-based law firm provides negotiation-related services to businesses and their owners throughout Snohomish County, in both transactional matters and disputes. Common examples of transactional negotiations include general contracts, joint ventures, mergers, and acquisitions. Common disputes we might negotiate include claims for breach of contract, disagreements between owners, and negligence. These lists are not exhaustive, however; we counsel clients in business negotiations of nearly every type and magnitude.

At Genesis, we structure our negotiation services to match each client’s needs and financial ability. Our attorneys typically graduated from higher ranked schools and/or with higher class standing than other lawyers in our county, and our hourly rates are usually less as well. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our firm and services, or call us toll free at 866-631-0028 to speak with one of our lawyers directly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you actually negotiate or just provide legal advice? The answer depends on the client’s needs and desires. We can leave the negotiating to someone else and simply provide legal advice, or we can conduct the negotiations ourselves. Usually we provide the full bundle of services–we negotiate on our clients’ behalves, provide legal advice, and draft the paperwork memorializing any agreement the parties might reach.

When you negotiate, do you limit your participation to legal issues or do you assist with, for example, financial issues as well? Again, the answer depends on the client’s needs and desires. Typically we negotiate all the issues before the parties, including financial matters.

Are you trained to negotiate? Yes. Some of us took negotiation classes in law school, and our firm informally trains its attorneys as well.

How many negotiations has your firm participated in? Most of our attorneys negotiate routinely in various practice areas. We do not track the exact statistics.

Do you negotiate with or without a mediator? Both. In many instances, we initially negotiate without a mediator and then hire a mediator if the negotiations break down.

Do you provide legal services aside from business negotiations? Yes, we consider ourselves a full-service law firm, meaning we offer legal services in most practice areas.

If negotiations completely break down, can you represent me in court? Probably. Most of our attorneys litigate (go to court) when need be.

I’m thinking of negotiating on my own behalf, with you acting as legal counsel only. Any quick words of advice for the negotiations? Sure. Rule number 1: never negotiate against yourself. Healthy negotiations should look like ping pong, with one side making any offer, then the other side, back and forth. Do not move from your most recent offer unless the other party has made a counter proposal to it. Rule number 2: do not make unreasonable offers. If there is no chance of the opposing party accepting the offer, it’s unreasonable. Rule 3: be honest. Nothing causes negotiations to break down faster than dishonesty. Rule 4: negotiate from a position of strength. Be prepared to prove your position with statistics, pictures, or written offers from competitors. Rule 5: do not move from your position too quickly. If you move from your position readily, the other side will think you can move even further.

There are many other negotiation principles, but these top the list in terms of simplicity and importance.

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