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Our firm’s business law team represents numerous small and midsize companies and sole proprietors throughout Snohomish and King Counties, from restaurants to Chinese product manufacturers with interests in the Puget Sound. We charge one of the lowest hourly rates in our region, and our attorneys enjoy the academic credentials normally available only at the most expensive firms in downtown Seattle. To speak with us toll free, dial 866-631-0028; or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m hoping to start a small business (though it might not remain small forever). Can you help me with the startup process? Yes, we regularly assist with the startup process, including business licensing, entity formation, specialty licensing, obtaining a federal tax ID number (also called a federal employer identification number or EIN), and basic legal advice that every business owner should know. To learn more about our startup services, click here.

What form of business entity structure is best for a small or midsize business? In recent years, the most popular entity structure has become the limited liability company (LLC), though many business owners prefer to be a corporation or a limited liability partnership (LLP), and many real estate developers obtain tax benefits from structuring their projects as limited partnerships (LPs). We can help determine what entity structure would work best for you.

I own a corporation or LLC, but I don’t know how to conduct annual meetings, keep minutes, or otherwise maintain my required company records. Is that something you can help me straighten out? Generally yes, we can help you properly run your business and straighten out your unkept or improperly maintained records. We can also teach you how to maintain records yourself.

I need help drafting contracts for my customers to sign. Can you do that? Yes, we have experience with most areas of business law, including contracts and contract negotiations.

I’m a foreign company (a company formed in another state or country). Can you help me conduct business in Washington and/or the United States? Yes, we assist many foreign companies in that capacity, such as by registering them to do business in Washington or by setting up a Washington subsidiary.

I need a business litigation attorney. Does your law firm go to court? Yes, we represent businesses in disputes, including trials when necessary. Several of our attorneys have extensive courtroom experience.

What types of payment arrangements do you accept? We normally charge by the hour, as is customary in the industry. But we also consider alternative billing arrangements in certain situations. Alternative billing arrangements include discrete flat fees and recurring flat monthly retainers.

Do you accept credit cards? Yes, we accept most types of payment, including Visa and MasterCard. We do not accept American Express or Discover.

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