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Genesis Law Firm assists individuals in extending their temporary visas to the United States. It is important to find the right lawyer to apply for an extension of a visa. Expeditiousness, forethought, and attention to detail are all crucial in an application to extend a visa. If an application is filed too late, the extension will very likely be denied by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). An experienced immigration lawyer will know that an application for an extension of stay should be filed no later than 45 days before the expiration of the visa-holder’s I-94. The immigration lawyers at Genesis Law Firm are aware of this and other important factors that go into applying for a visa extension.

Holders of a number of visa categories may apply for an extension of stay, including the following: A, A-3, B-1, B-2, Dependents of CW-1, Dependents of E and E-2, F-1, G and G-5 (and dependents), Dependents of H, J-1, Dependents of L, M-1, Dependents of O and P, Dependents of R, TN Dependents of TN, and V (Spouse or Child of a Lawful Permanent Resident).

The application process begins by preparing USCIS Form I-539: Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status. Along with the I-539, you must submit: (1) the required filing fee, (2) a copy of your I-94 Arrival-Departure Record, (3) copy of the signature page of your valid passport, (4) certified English translation of documents in other languages, and (5) depending on your visa category, other documents as required.

For an example of other required documentation, if you are a B-1 or B-2 visa holder, you must submit a written statement explaining in detail: (1) the reason(s) for your request, (2) why an extension of your visa would only be temporary and what arrangements you have made to leave the U.S., and (3) any effect your visa extension will have on your foreign employment or residency.

Whatever your visa category, Genesis Law Firm will advise and assist you throughout the visa extension process; we will fill out all paperwork, draft extension letters, advise on required documentation, and strategize accordingly if your situation poses particular problems. Contact us to speak with a knowledgeable and experienced visa extension attorney who can help determine if you are eligible for a visa extension. Genesis Law Firm offers high-level legal counsel at more affordable rates, and free Mandarin Chinese interpretation is available upon request.

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