Water law

Water Law Attorneys, Everett (Snohomish County)

Water law should be divided into at least two categories: 1) water use and 2) water discharge / stormwater runoff. Both are areas of the law with which few lawyers have much familiarity. As a result, finding skilled counsel for these types of issues can be challenging.

At Genesis, we understand both categories of water law well. This is partly because one or more of our attorneys focuses on real estate and water law. In fact, it may be that other lawyers you are interviewing learned water law from a class one of us taught.

Our facility this area of the law also has to do with our attorney hiring criteria. We only hire lawyers who have an impressive record of scholastic and/or industry-related achievements. This strict hiring criteria ensures each of our attorneys quickly grasps the nuances of his or her legal matters; whereas it seems most of our competitors’ recruitment standards are more flexible.

Pricing is another competitive advantage Genesis enjoys. We utilize cost-saving technologies to keep overhead much lower than at other law firms, and we pass those savings to our clients. Other top-tier firms in the Everett and Seattle area will often charge twice what we do per hour. Notably, our cost-saving technologies tend not to reduce the effectiveness of our work. Rather, they tend to improve our work quality by increasing attorney-client interaction, decreasing human error, and making it easier for us to locate relevant information.

Genesis: A better firm for a better world.

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