Custody Attorneys, Everett: Genesis Law Firm

The best custody attorneys in Everett and elsewhere are not simply the most aggressive. Custody attorneys have an unfortunately tendency to lose their cases and credibility by arguing too negatively or without sufficient factual corroboration. Judges are fundamentally similar to you and me, which means they strongly dislike unsupported or false accusations. Decision-makers of all kinds are more easily persuaded by someone who presents a cohesive story with credibility and well-structured emotional climaxes. In custody battles in particular, the court wants to hear a reasoned and factually grounded presentation focusing on the best interests of the children. This means the most successful custody lawyers tend to be above all else excruciatingly honest, well-educated on the law and facts, and emotionally engaging.

Genesis Law Firm performs well in custody disputes and other family law actions for these very reasons. Our firm dedicates itself to the morals we hold most dear, including honesty, impeccable work product, and positive impactfulness. We take every precaution against stretching the truth, and we diligently locate and articulate the the most relevant and helpful facts and arguments. We represent our clients the right way. That builds credibility, which is the first and most critical step in opening the judge’s eyes to our client’s perspective in each case.

The attorneys at Genesis also enjoy top-rate academic backgrounds. Few competing firms in Everett and Snohomish County can offer attorneys whose school rank and class standing are as strong as our attorneys’.

Last but certainly not least, cost-saving technologies allow Genesis to serve its clients at atypically low hourly rates. Our clients often receive better representation for less.

Feel free to explore the links on this website to learn more, or simply contact Genesis to speak directly with one of our lawyers about your custody dispute. Our firm is conveniently located in downtown Everett within walking distance of the Snohomish County Superior Courthouse.

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