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Our Everett-based family law attorneys assist divorce clients with child custody issues of nearly every type, including cases involving complicating factors such as interstate or international spouses, domestic violence, drug or alcohol dependence, parental neglect, and parental alienation. We hold some of the finest qualifications in our geographic area, and cost-saving technologies allow us to charge substantially less per hour than most other local attorneys. Perhaps most importantly, we commit ourselves to litigating as impeccably honest do-gooders. Click here to learn more about us.

In determining which parent should receive child custody, the court focuses on dangers to the child(ren), which most commonly include domestic violence, alcoholism, and drug addiction. When our own clients exhibit these dangers, we set them on the path to treatment and recovery soon as possible so as to minimize the harm to their children and their case. When opposing parties display these dangers, we work tirelessly to document the problems for the court and rebut the other sides false denials. Weve been there and done that, and weve done it well.

If dangers to the child(ren) do not determine the outcome in a custody battle, a court will consider which party historically acted as the primary parent. That is, the court will award custody to whoever performed the majority of the parenting functions, like cooking, transporting, teaching, and supervising. Typically both parents claim to be the primary parent, and proving the truth can be crucial. Our firm understands this and acts accordingly. We have experience locating the best witnesses, gathering convincing documentation, and exposing the opposing parties falsehoods. We tend to work harder at this than does the opposing party, and our firms lower hourly rate makes our increased efforts practicable. Our sides commitment to honesty also imparts invaluable credibility in all-too-common conflicts of he-said versus she-said accounts. Not to mention, our commitment to honesty leaves a clear conscience and sets a positive example for others.

If you want quality counsel and are willing to adhere to our commitment to honesty, we encourage you to contact us. Our contact information is at the bottom of this page, and our primary office sits just a few blocks from the Snohomish County Superior Courthouse.

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