Exceptional Family Law Attorneys in Everett (Snohomish County)

We are Everett family law attorneys (divorce lawyers). Our firm’s headquarters – located near the Snohomish County Courthouse in Everett – contain more lawyers practicing in this legal field than in any other.


Everett Family Law Lawyers

Litigating and resolving family law matters is what we do best. When local judges hear “Genesis Law Firm”, they think “family law lawyers”. Read below to learn more.

More Please

‘Family law’ is a term with which many clients are unfamiliar. It usually means divorce-related and custody-related legal issues. Representative matters include marital dissolutions (divorce), domestic partnership dissolutions, child support, relocation of a parent, parentage actions, non parental custody (third party custody), domestic violence / anti-harassment, and parenting plan modifications.

Genesis adeptly guides clients through these types of cases even when the outcome might otherwise seem dire. The secret to the firm’s success lies in the Genesis style of practice. Contrary to the reputation of family law attorneys in general, Genesis wins cases through exceptional legal training, humility, hard work, and candor. The firm counsels clients the right way, and that approach shines especially brightly against the family law backdrop. Opposing parties sometimes fire their attorneys in response.

Genesis’ clients also benefit from the local experience of its attorneys in each practice area. In Snohomish County, most family law court hearings come before commissioners for resolution. Genesis has favorably argued before each of the five Snohomish County commissioners and advises clients accordingly.

Last but not least, Genesis charges more reasonable rates than its competitors. Cost-saving technologies allow Genesis to represent its clients for less per hour yet without sacrificing attorney work quality. The firm embraces both cost efficiency and quality.

Explore this website to learn more, or simply contact Genesis to speak directly with a Genesis attorney.

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