Top-Tier Everett Divorce Attorneys for High-Net-Worth Individuals


Genesis Law Firm: Everett Lawyers for High-Net-Worth Divorces

Our Everett attorneys offer Snohomish Countys high-net-worth-divorce clients an unmatched combination of legal credentials and pricing. Read below to learn more.

Our Competitive Advantages

Credentials.  With respect to credentials, our selective attorney recruitment ensures that each of us enjoys high academic achievements and/or impressive law-related accomplishments.

Call us elitistwe dont mind. Fact of the matter, high-net-worth divorces tend to be more complex than average, and our attorneys mental facility give us an advantage.

We invite you to compare our attorneys online biographies to those of the competition. Likely we graduated from more impressive schools and/or performed much better while there.

Affordability.  Our lower rates can be a decided benefit in high-net-worth cases. Courts frequently enter fee awards intended to equalize each spouse’s funds available for legal counsel. Given that our firm charges less, those funds allow us to put in more hours and prepare more thoroughly than opposing counsel. Extra preparation makes an especially large difference in high asset cases, where the increased complexity magnifies the value of additional legal and factual research. And in high stakes divorces, opposing counsel often charges twice what we do per hour. The effect: we have the advantage of being able to work twice as hard.

Focused Practice Areas.  Our attorneys also gain an advantage from narrowly focusing their practices. Some lawyers practice in many areas of the law. At our firm, we usually practice in only one or two. You wouldnt let a generalist doctor perform your brain surgery, and you shouldnt let a generalist attorney handle your high-asset divorce.

Complementary Practices.  Unlike boutique family law firms that only accept divorce cases, our firm contains complimentary practices such as real estate, business, and immigration. So, when an intricate immigration issue arises from your international divorce, we can walk down the hall and speak with an immigration colleague. Thats better than having a divorce attorney try to haphazardly learn parts of a difficult and unfamiliar practice area on your dime, like they do elsewhere.

Contact Genesis to speak with a high-asset, high-net-worth divorce lawyer in Snohomish County (Everett).

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