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Bellevue Custody Attorneys

Our firm provides top-notch Bellevue custody attorneys. The quantifiable aspects of our credentials such as the rankings of where we went to school and/or how we did there exceed the vast majority of our competitors in the Puget Sound region. Yet we charge among the lowest hourly rates of the family law firms in our geographic area. We also insist upon being as honest in court as possible. We are the good guys, A Better Firm for a Better World, as the firm motto reads.

Our King County divorce and family law team assists clients in virtually all stages of custody cases, from the initial planning of a potential custody battle to the trial that resolves the matter. Similarly we represent clients with typical disputes that arise after the court awards custody, such as if one of the parties requests a parenting plan modification, attempts to relocate with the children, or violates the parenting plan. We also advise on crucial custody-related decisions, such as whether to ask the court to appoint a Guardian ad Litem or parenting evaluator to investigate the parties and their parenting concerns. Last but not least, we assist in negotiating parenting-related disputes and agreements if the parties desire or court rules require.

We understand how difficult these types of matters can be, especially in an emotional and financial sense. That is precisely why we formed Genesis. We care. More than that, we made various sacrifices financially and otherwise to better ensure we have a positive impact on you and the community. For us, creating an improved family law firm was a conscious choice, not the path of least resistance or the road to riches.

Despite that conscious choice and our lower rates, some readers might not have sufficient funds to hire us for full representation. We want to help those of you as well. We have articles explaining how to do it all yourself. We also have articles on representing yourself with just a little help from an attorney and tips on keeping your attorneys fees low. We even have one or more LLLTs. For readers who are unfamiliar with the term, a LLLT is the family-law equivalent to a nurse practitioner. Generally he or she can advise clients like an attorney but at a reduced hourly rate.

This does not mean we only assist low-income clients. We want to help no matter how much money you make. Our goal is to become an example most firms will eventually follow, not just help the underserved.

We encourage you to call us toll free at 866-631-0028 or email us at admin@genesislawfirm.com to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members. By doing so, you will likely reach a client liaison who can tell you about our rates, help you find an appropriate attorney within our firm, and schedule an appointment.

From all of us at Genesis, we wish you the best with your custody matter.

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