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Bellevue Family Law Attorneys

Our firm provides exceptionally well-credentialed Bellevue family law attorneys at below-market rates. We also have other practice groups, but family law is our primary emphasis. In this context, family law means divorce and divorce-like legal issues between married and unmarried parties. Typical matters involve custody, child support, and division of money and property between people who were married, were in marital-like relationship, or are assuming the role of a parent.

The most common examples include:

  • parentage actions (establishing a parenting plan and child support between unmarried parents),
  • division of property after marital-like relationships (sometimes called committed intimate relationships),
  • pre-nuptial agreements (agreeing how the parties would divide assets and money if they were to break up),
  • establishment of minor guardianships (placing children in the protective custody of a non-parent),
  • parenting plan modifications,
  • child support modifications,
  • de facto parentage (placing a child in the primary care of someone who has unofficially acted as the childs parent for many years), and
  • establishing visitation rights for a childs loved-ones who are not the childs parents.

Several respected Bellevue law firms similarly focus on family law. What makes us special are our three core principles. The first and foremost of these three is our commitment to providing quality representation in the ways that most impact the outcome of cases. Nothing exemplifies this more than our highly selective hiring practices. We will not so much as interview an attorney unless he or she enjoys credentials superior to the vast majority of family law lawyers in Bellevue and other cities in King County. Usually this means the attorney must have attended higher-ranking academic institutions and/or performed better while there. We encourage you to compare our attorney biographies to whoever else you might be considering.

The second differentiating factor is our commitment to reduce hourly rates. Most of our competitors believe clients will perceive their services are better if they charge more, so they set rates as high as the market will bear. Genesis takes the opposite approach. We charge as little as we can while still retaining top talent. That means we actively seek out ways to reduce cost inefficiencies, such as by using cost-saving technologies, occupying more affordable office space, and not paying for advertisements (and instead growing our reputation organically).

Our third unique commitment is to honesty. While many other Bellevue law firms make similar comments about honesty and integrity, ours are more than lip service. We fire clients who lie to or mislead us or a decisionmaker during our representation. This this does not mean we only take perfect clients. Everyone makes mistakes in life, and some of our clients may have acted dishonestly before our representation. But we demand that they come clean and remain honest while working with us. We pride ourselves on it and have a reputation for it.

Do not hesitate to call us at 866-631-0028 or email us at admin@genesislawfirm.com. Our client liaisons can provide information on our current hourly rates, advise on which team members would be the best fit to assist with your matter, and help schedule an appointment.

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