Bellevue divorce lawyer

Bellevue Divorce Lawyers

Our Bellevue divorce lawyers practice in all areas of family law, including custody and international matters. Everyone in our team enjoys excellent credentials, can handle simple cases as well as the most complex, and charges among the lowest hourly rates in the greater Seattle area. Perhaps no other firm in our region can say the same. We at Genesis have a unique commitment to bettering the world and, as a result, we attract exceptional attorneys with the strong desire to be the “good guys” (and “good girls”!).

Our commitment to bettering the world centers around three principles. The first of those core principles pertains to our hiring process. We will not so much as interview an attorney unless his or her credentials would be outstanding even to the untrained eye. Typically that means the attorneys attended better schools and earned more impressive academic accolades than the people at competing firms. We strongly encourage you to compare our attorney profiles to whoever else you might be considering.

Charging less than industry-standard rates is our second core principle. To accomplish this, our firm utilizes a number of cost-saving technologies and techniques. For example, we do not spend money on advertising (other than having a website and business cards). No paid internet marketing, TV or radio commercials, or leads. By contrast, some firms spend up to 40% of a case’s gross revenue on the marketing lead. Cutting this cost saves our firm an enormous sum each month, and we pass that savings on to our clients. Our low rates, in turn, encourage our clients to advertise for us.

Our third core value is honesty. We will not allow our clients to lie or mislead decisionmakers, not even the high-earning clients most lawyers covet. If we learn a client has acted dishonestly during our representation, we terminate the attorney-client relationship. That means we are not the best fit for some potential clients. But we are a wonderful fit for fellow do-gooders and people willing to turn over a new leaf.

To speak with one of our Bellevue office’s divorce and family law attorneys, call us toll-free at 866-631-0028. We also have free articles and videos on virtually every divorce topic you can think of. To view them, click here.

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