Cost-Saving Technologies: How Genesis Saves You Money

Genesis was established in answer to the moral call for affordable legal representation. Cost-saving technologies allow Genesis to provide the highest quality representation at substantially reduced rates. Examples of cost-saving technologies include:


1. (Nearly) Paperless Office. Unlike Genesis, many competing firms maintain thousands of square feet of paper files. Storage of the documents necessitates increased onsite leased space, shipping to long-term storage, and offsite storage fees. Personnel and attorneys spend significant amounts of time copying, tabulating, and searching these documents. Genesis, on the other hand, converts most documents to PDF files. Going paperless makes storage, organization, and searching of documents dramatically less expensive at Genesis.

2. Virtualized Staff Positions. Genesis uses technology to virtualize administrative functions. Administrative salaries and benefits are typically the highest source of overhead for other firms, whereas these expenses are negligible for Genesis.

3. Reduced Office Space. Office space is the second-highest item of overhead for most law firms. Virtualizing staff decreases the space Genesis occupies. Your bill reflects the savings.

Opposing counsel from other Snohomish County firms will generally charge 30-100% more per hour for work on the same legal matter. From divorce to international business, clients receive higher quality representation for less at Genesis Law Firm.

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