Boundary Dispute Lawyers, Everett-Bellevue

Houses so close a boundary dispute is likely

Our attorneys at Genesis enjoy experience with virtually all types of boundary disputes, including suits involving adverse possession, prescriptive easements, wrongful discharge of water, and encroachments. Typically we first attempt to salvage neighborly relations by amicably resolving these types of matters through informal settlement negotiations. After all, the opposing party is likely to remain our client’s neighbor regardless the property dispute’s outcome. Worse becomes worst, however, we at Genesis offer our clients the benefit of our largely favorable experience resolving property cases in court.

The secret to our firm’s court success lies in our attorneys’ respective legal backgrounds. To work at Genesis, we absolutely must have exceptional academic credentials and/or a significant record of industry-related accomplishment. In that sense, we are more elitist in our hiring than are most of our competitors. That, of course, is an advantage only a few firms can enjoy.

We then compound that advantage by encouraging our attorneys to narrowly focus their legal practices. That is, each attorney’s practice emphasizes a relatively circumscribed area of the law. By restricting the areas in which we practice, we gain more thorough knowledge and produce higher quality work. Creating niches also helps us put together better teams of attorneys for large projects that incorporate multiple legal disciplines.

Our other notable competitive advantage is our use of cost-saving technologies, dramatically decreasing our firm’s overhead. This decrease in overhead allows us to charge clients much less per hour than most other top-tier real estate attorneys in the greater Everett and Bellevue regions. In fact, our rates are sometimes half those of other upper-echelon firms. Our lower rates in turn often allow us to work harder than opposing counsel, further increasing the likelihood of a positive outcome in court.

We at Genesis say we’re “A better firm for a better world,” and we truly mean it.

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